Grabbing the Gusto

Deirdre Reid – Freelance Writer & Home Cook

Thanks for visiting my personal blog. “Grabbing the gusto” is my philosophy of living. I’ve moved across country twice, took a chance on my relationship (yes, a good thing), taken solo trips in the US, Europe and Asia and made other decisions to grab the gusto. You’ve heard all the sayings – this isn’t a waiting room or dress rehearsal, carpe diem, be in the moment. I do believe in and try to live by those principles, they’re part of the yoga philosophy too. As anyone who knows me can attest, I never go too extreme. As Julia Child (my hero) said, “everything in moderation, including moderation.”

I’ve been posting to my other blog, Reid All About It, since spring 2009. When I first started blogging, I intended to post about topics arising from my professional life (associations, social media, community) in addition to personal topics. But as time went by it just didn’t feel right so I kept that blog completely professional.

Then I hit a blogging drought and went from a few posts a week to about one a month. Thank goodness I was a guest blogger at SmartBlog Insights or I wouldn’t have even posted that much. Sure, my life was changing rapidly – I moved to North Carolina, settled into a relationship, met lots of new friends, looked for a job, didn’t find a job and decided to work for myself. My blog suffered.

My new strategy is to get back my writing momentum by having more than one type of writing outlet. I’ll blog here about cooking, food, beer, hiking, yoga and whatever else excites me that I want to share with others.

If you want to learn a bit more about me, you can find me on:

Thanks for indulging me and dropping by!


2 thoughts on “Grabbing the Gusto

  1. lasullivan says:

    Congrats on this new venture! I’m a big believer in having multiple outlets to hone your craft as long as the time can be managed to do so. That’s my only piece of advice – make it a priority in your time management & you’ll do fine. 🙂

    Happy Blogging once again!

  2. deirdrereid says:

    So far I like the way it’s working. I’ve already got two posts in draft for the other blog, so it’s working this week!

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