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Deirdre Reid – Freelance Writer & Home Cook

I love Sunday mornings – CBS Sunday Morning, the Sunday paper, lots of coffee and a big breakfast. If printed newspapers completely disappear, I will definitely mourn the loss of that part of my Sunday tradition. The Raleigh paper, The News & Observer, is pretty thin compared to my fat Sunday Washington Posts of yore, but I’m glad they’re still in business.

One thing hasn’t changed much over the years — the Parade magazine. Admit it, you too scan Walter Scott’s Personality Parade for answers to burning questions about old figure skaters and film stars. I also always peruse the food and recipe section, sometimes seeing potential dishes but never cutting out any to try, until last Sunday.

Dorie Greenspan featured a recipe for Maple-Orange Chicken that looked promising – quick and light – keywords for weekday dinners. Plus I’m a nut for maple so I tend to try lots of recipes that use maple syrup, and I just happened to have some chicken breasts ready to go, so that was our dinner Wednesday night.

The chicken breasts were fairly hefty so I pounded them a bit to decrease cooking time. I never did buy a meat mallet. My meat mallet is a rubber mallet I got long ago to assemble Ikea furniture. I share Alton Brown’s view that single purpose cooking tools shouldn’t have a place in the kitchen, especially small kitchens. At least I share that view now. I used to have a kitchen tool problem. And a cookbook problem. And a cooking magazine problem. But I’m better now. Although you can still find things like an oyster knife and savarin pan in my cabinets, relics of the good old days.

I browned the chicken more than they did for the photo above — mine were much prettier. I didn’t measure anything, just sort of eyeballed it, making more sauce than it called for so there’d be enough. I hate not having enough sauce. Don’t even get me started on not having enough gravy at Thanksgiving. My dear friend Marita always makes an extra large saucepan of gravy using turkey legs and parts she buys specifically for that purpose so we’d have more than enough for the whole weekend.

This recipe is easy, takes no time at all and tastes great – citrusy with a bit of a tang along with a subtle maple sweetness.

Recipe – Parade Magazine

3 thoughts on “Maple Orange Chicken

  1. Vanessa says:

    Ooooh – that sounds fabulous! I love most citrus dishes and am just now discovering the beauty of marmalades.

    1. deirdrereid says:

      I hadn’t bought any marmalade since I moved here until I bought it for this recipe and forgot how much I like it on wheat toast. I grew up with orange marmalade on the table (Dad’s thing) but never took to it until I was an adult. I’m going to be scouting the farmers market for more. Thanks for checking in, Vanessa!

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