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Deirdre Reid – Freelance Writer & Home Cook

What? You still don’t know what you’re bringing to your family’s Easter table? What are you doing reading this? Get on it! The Providence Journal comes to your rescue, as always. Last week they gave us Part 1 of their selection of Easter recipes (mains, sides and desserts) from newspaper food sections. This week there’s even more in Part 2.

Here’s a story that’s not about food, but since I’m food for mosquitoes, I’m sharing it with you. NPR reports that the Center for Disease Control is developing “a completely natural insect repellent made from a chemical called nootkatone, which is found in Alaska yellow cedar trees and citrus fruit.” This repellent is safe enough to eat and can be put into soaps and sunscreens. Maybe moisturizer too? Oh happy day.

The Chicago Tribune tells us which ten cooking shows we should be watching. Not surprisingly, half of them are from the Cooking Channel, so much better than The Food Network. Number 2 is America’s Test Kitchen from the Cook’s Illustrated magazine crew. I can vouch for Cook’s Illustrated’s recipes; I made a delicious, best I’ve ever tasted, broccoli soup from their latest issue. I’ll be sharing that recipe soon.

Need to give your silver a quick polish before setting your Easter table? Don’t throw your banana peels into the compost bowl. Make banana polish. Yes, really. Apartment Therapy shows you how.

It’s not too late to impress the relatives. Martha will teach you all you need to know about the fine art of Easter bunny napkin-folding.

“You have a face sweeter than boiled grape juice. It looks as if a snail had walked across it, it shines so much. And prettier than a turnip and teeth as white as parsnips, so much so that you could entice the Pope. And eyes the color of a medicinal brew and hair whiter and blonder than a leek so that I’ll die if you give me no relief.”

Aw honey, you say the sweetest things. No, my guy didn’t write that, Michelangelo did. He left those lines of love on one of his pencil drawings of a Madonna and child.

Happy Easter! Enjoy your Easter Sunday table!

easter food cooking

Photo by Jaroslaw Pocztarski


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