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Deirdre Reid – Freelance Writer & Home Cook

“If it was around 50,000 years ago, I’ll eat it.” Wise words from Grant Hill, Phoenix Suns forward — that’s basketball, in case you’re like me and don’t follow the NBA. Nutrition is replacing performance-enhancing drugs as a competitive tactic, according to this article from the Arizona Republic. The use of drugs in cycling (26 days until the Tour de France!) has frustrated and saddened me, so I’d love to see this trend take hold, as long as they don’t start manipulating food chemistry too.

I’m very glad the USDA will replace the dietary guidelines pyramid with a plate. It’s easier to visualize a healthy diet when it’s presented on a plate. Fruit and vegetables take up half the plate – so much easier to accomplish in the spring and summer, but a goal I need to work on throughout the year, according to my doctor. The other half is split between grains (whole grains should make up half of that) and protein. The plate is accompanied by low-fat dairy on the side. It seems so simple, but why is it so hard?raleigh writing blogging copywriting writer blogger copywriterI’m behind in reading my cooking and food blogs, so I just read this morning that the FDA no longer says you should cook meat to an internal temperature of 160. “Now there will only be 3 numbers to remember: 145 for whole meats, 160 for ground meats and 165 for all poultry.” Now that’s simple!

You’ve got to love the web. Esquire magazine has posted wee videos of Brian Cox, “esteemed actor and proud Scot,” sipping and pronouncing the names of 40 single malt scotches.

The Washington Post reports on the arrival of pimento cheese into the foodie and restaurant world. Before I moved to North Carolina I sometimes made variations of pimento cheese without realizing it, so perhaps it’s destiny I now live in a place where the local supermarket stocks at least five brands of pimento cheese, some with jalapeno. Isn’t life grand? If you regularly read my blog, you’ve probably noticed my love, no, lust for the “Carolina caviar.” Just reading how chefs are serving it, oh my…..

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Photo by Mike Sheridan

I discovered this lovely poem by Samantha at the Bentlily blog via a tweet from Joanna Paterson. I want to share with you Samantha’s inspiration for writing. She says: “I decided to make this year my Year of Being a Poet. I pledged to write one poem a day. Not to rack up reams of poetry – that’s just a lovely side-effect. No, the real goal is to train me to see the world constantly with the eyes of a poet, which means to slow down, savour, take delight in, and note the very essence of the world around me. To be present.”

I love that.


The world is dunked in green
plants sprint upward
an orchestra of robins
night comes late as the sun drags
her feet across the sky
reluctant to draw the curtain
on the day
I can’t blame her
it is spring
we are thawed
and thirsty for play.


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