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Whenever I used to fantasize about owning some type of food emporium (yeah, I know better), I thought about having cards for customers to take home that would show them how to prepare the featured fish, vegetable or food items of the day. I would be there too, of course, along with my battery of cookbooks and a trusty web connection, to help people figure out what to make and how. Slap on the head! I should have gone to Whole Foods with my idea because someone else did. Now they have in-store cooking coaches. What a genius idea!

Thank goodness tomato season is just around the corner because I am so tired of blah tomatoes. Ugh, this post about the tomato industry makes me so sad and frustrated about the state of food in the US. Hopefully our tomatoes in the sun-dappled shade will give us at least a meager crop. In other container garden news, the basil is going wild, mint looks good, chives and rosemary are doing fine, hot peppers look promising and we have baby eggplants growing by an inch every day!

One of my culinary heroes is M.F.K. Fisher. Culinate published an excerpt from An Extravagant Hunger: The Passionate Years of M.F.K. Fisher about her honeymoon on board the RMS Berengaria in late September 1929 with her new husband to their new home in Dijon, France. She was a complicated woman, but an inspiration to me.

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Pete Townshend (photo from 1983 of drawing I made in 1981)

Another influence on me, completely unrelated to food, but I can’t help sharing: Pete Townshend of The Who. Simon Garfield wrote an excellent article about Pete for The Economist’s Intelligent Life magazine. I shared this on Facebook with a message that pretty much sums up my feelings: “I’ve had a relationship with Pete Townshend for nearly 40 years. For better or worse, he was a major influence on my development. I still have a thing for him. His face is overly familiar, like an estranged older brother for whom I have a mix of respect, intimidation, crush and awe. Long live rock.”

“We are living in the best time ever for beer.” This from a man who has tasted more than 30,000 beers. Need I say anything more? Yes, I must give you proof. Get out that front door and make haste to your best beer purveyor to find New Belgium Dunkelweiss. Oh. My. God. Beer is good.

Now the news you’ve been waiting for, yes, it’s here: Episode 2 of Vegan Black Metal Chef. “Add some almond milk from the Chalice of the Gods.” I can still hear his voice and the incessant drumming in my head. I don’t mind really, it’s strangely stimulating background music. Who needs coffee? “Cut the tofu. Turn the plate. Cut the tofuuuu.”  The Washington Post writes about him and a few other extreme cook videos. Frankly, I checked out the others and found them lame. Extreme really doesn’t do it for me. It’s played out already in food and beer. Just a thought, imagine if you woke up from a nap and everyone talked like the Vegan Black Metal Chef?

My friend Lisa, who is a metal lover and kick-ass boxer (in her 40’s!!!!!), shared this lovely haiku earlier this week on her blog, The Glowing Edge.

The Man Pulling Radishes
by Kobayashi Issa (what a sad life!)

The man pulling radishes
pointed my way
with a radish.

freelance writer blogger copywriter raleigh

Photo by Kari Sullivan


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