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Now that the holidays are over, our CSA from In Good Heart Farm is back. Yay! Take a look below at what we got this week.

Our CSA share this week | Grabbing the Gusto

Our CSA share this week | Grabbing the Gusto


If I pick up scallops at the seafood market, I might make something like this recipe from Cooking Light: Sea Scallops with Sautéed Tatsoi and Bacon.

Otherwise, this idea intrigues me: Swiss Chard Salsa Verde from Bon Appetit. I’ll replace the chard with tatsoi. They recommend putting it on fish, chicken or pasta. I can do that.


I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes for deconstructed cabbage rolls lately. I love this idea because I’ve never been inspired enough to make cabbage rolls. If I go this route with cabbage, I’ll start with this recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen.

Black radishes | Grabbing the Gusto

Black radishes | Grabbing the Gusto

Black Radishes

Underneath the dirty-looking, rough skin of the black radish is creamy white flesh with a stronger flavor than the watermelon radishes we’ve been getting lately. Our share included a whole pound of black radishes so I’m tempted to peel and sauté them, something like this recipe on The Endless Meal.


The bunch of carrots we got this week are so sweet we’ll probably just gobble them up before we make our next salad. I may just use supermarket carrots to make these Carrot Cake Power Bites from The Kitchn. But, instead of spending way too much money on almond meal, I’m hoping I have raw almonds in the freezer to make my own.

Brussels sprouts | Grabbing the Gusto

Brussels sprouts | Grabbing the Gusto

Brussels sprouts

At last, Brussels sprouts! As tempting as it is to make one of my old reliable recipes, like Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Mushrooms, I really want to try something new. I roast Brussels sprouts all the time but never with pears and pistachios like this recipe from Food 52. Love that flavor combination!

Pistachios also make an appearance in this incredibly good-looking salad from Shutterbean: Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pecorino and Oranges.

Arugula and Lettuce

We’ll probably add the arugula to our salads, along with the lettuce. But, if I’m feeling ambitious, I saw a list of arugula salad ingredients recently that hit my sweet spot. It was on a restaurant’s online menu, unfortunately I don’t remember where I saw it: arugula salad with butternut squash, red onion, mushroom and warm bacon vinaigrette. Mmmm.

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