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It’s the second week of our winter CSA from In Good Heart Farm. We’re getting a share every other week. Here’s what I’m thinking about doing with our bounty.

Our CSA share from In Good Heart Farm | Grabbing the Gusto

Our CSA share from In Good Heart Farm | Grabbing the Gusto


I haven’t made a Caesar salad with kale in quite a long time and just looking at the photo of the kale and romaine Caesar salad in this two year old blog post of mine is making me hanker for one.

If I go in the completely opposite direction, this gnocchi with butternut squash and kale from the Food Network looks pretty darn tasty.


Last night I made a variation of my creamed greens with the collards. I added mushroom, onion, red bell pepper, carrot and poblano pepper. They passed the “so-good-I-have-to-blog-about-it” test with flying colors. Stayed tuned for that.

The last time I had collards in the frig, I made this collard and pecan pesto from Bon Appetit and it was wonderful on salmon.

Chickweed from In Good Heart Farm | Grabbing the Gusto

Chickweed from In Good Heart Farm | Grabbing the Gusto


Chickweed is new to me. It’s growing in the tunnels around the lettuce and onions at In Good Heart Farm, and now it’s in my frig. Like the name says, chickens love it too. I read that it tastes like corn silk when raw and like spinach when cooked. The stems, leaves and flowers are edible. If you do a search on Pinterest, you’ll find all kinds of recipes including chickweed bread and chickweed quiche. For more ideas, Food 52 shares four ways to use chickweed.

I might make a chickweed pesto or chickweed chimichurri. Or if it languishes too long in the frig, I’ll throw it in a pan and sauté it.


If I decide to cook Indian some night soon I would make this stir-fried cabbage with fennel seeds and other spices from Food 52.

If I’m feeling brave, I’ll try my hand at sauerkraut. Canning is one of my 2015 kitchen resolutions so I recently bought Pickles & Preserves by Andrea Weigl, food writer at the Raleigh News & Observer. In the intro to the cookbook’s sauerkraut recipe, Andrea writes, “I have to say that the prospect of making sauerkraut scared me at first.” Me too, Andrea! But her next sentence, to my relief, is: “I had no idea it was so simple.” Phew. I’m putting pickling salt on my shopping list or Penzey’s list if I don’t find it in my local supermarket.

Our share also included herbs, lettuce and spinach. If you have any first-time fermentation stories for me, I’d love to hear them. Don’t worry, they won’t scare me off, I’m determined.

This week, I also picked up my first share in Locals Seafoods’ community-supported fishery (CSF). Tonight and tomorrow night we’re feasting on dogfish and tilefish. I’ll share more about that in a post later this weekend.


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