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Deirdre Reid – Freelance Writer & Home Cook

When you have a tiny bathroom, you have to get creative with storage. I love how Kelly at Eclectically Vintage uses an old wooden step ladder in the awkward space between the toilet and the pedestal sink.

small bathroom storage between pedestal sink and toilet

You could probably fit a tiny floor cabinet or nightstand in here too, but the openness of the step ladder allows the eyes to roam further into the space instead of stopping short at a closed cabinet. Wondering why you see so many open shelves in kitchen. Well, yes, they’re trendy, but they’re also a design trick to visually expand a small room.

A step ladder would also come in handy if you need to pull down items from a shelf over the bathroom door. That’s a great place to store items you don’t use every day, like extra towels, toilet paper or toiletries. To avoid it looking too cluttered, use baskets or decorative boxes to store items. I found a good example of this on the Martha Stewart site.

small bathroom storage over the door shelf

Another example is from Jordan at The 2 Seasons blog. Hers looks deeper than Martha’s. I could see making cubbies as well but why even waste the space to separate things.

small bathroom storage over the door shelf

We have shallow wall cabinets mounted over the toilets in both our bathrooms. Floating shelves are another option for storage over the toilet. Wendy from Designed to Dwell shows you how she made the floating shelves in her half bath in a tutorial on her blog.

small bathroom storage floating shelves over toilet

If you want to open up your space as much as possible, mount narrower shelves at eye-level and deeper shelves higher up. I love the contrast between the wood and the white wall in Wendy’s bathroom, but I’m a wood freak. You could paint the shelves the same color as the wall to visually open up the room even more. Not everyone likes open shelving over a flushing toilet, so that’s something to consider before you go this route.

CK and Nate at Seesaws and Sawhorses don’t waste any space. They installed little shelves on either side of their toilet and one over the tank. In a little nook like this, you could probably go all the way up with shelving.

small bathroom storage toilet nook shelves

Please share any other clever small bathroom storage ideas in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Small Bathroom Storage: 3.27.15

  1. Maggie McGary says:

    When I had a tiny bathroom, I added a skirt to the sink (velcro, of course!) and it was great for hiding stuff underneath. Over-the-door hooks are great for adding extra hanging space when wall space is limited–and no installation required other than hanging on the door.

    1. deirdrereid says:

      That’s a smart idea — the sink skirt. Those Command hooks are a godsend. For some reason I have four (at least) bathrobes so the hooks on the back of our bathroom door are put to good use. There’s even room for poor Jim’s one robe. Thanks for sharing those suggestions!

  2. Oh my gosh, I went through so many sink skirts in our lives at Abingdon street — even made some of my own. Best and easiest way to expand storage under a sink. Including a small step stool for toddlers, and short people. Smile.

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