Grabbing the Gusto

Deirdre Reid – Freelance Writer & Home Cook

I wrote a post today on my other blog that will be helpful to anyone who has too much stuff, especially those of you who live in a small home or plan to move into a smaller home — Finding the Right Language (and Mindset) for Dealing with Our Stuff.

This is a fascinating topic for me. The logistics and tactics of downsizing, or as I prefer to call it, editing your stuff is only part of the problem. It’s your mindset that will determine your success and how happy you will be with the results of your editing. And this mindset doesn’t only apply to stuff — it applies to the rest of your life as well.

Head on over to Reid All About It to see how I’m approaching this challenge.

edit your stuff and your life

(Creative Commons licensed photo by Robert Benner)

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