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Menu ideas and recipes for tilefish, white grunt (or any fish), squid, greens and broccoli…

Herb sauce and tomato curry recipes for fish

The only good thing about this Bon Appetit recipe for crispy skinned fish with herb sauce was the sauce. I made more than I needed so I had leftover sauce for pasta lunches. But their cooking method didn’t work for me, my white grunt stuck to the pan. Don’t know why, maybe I needed more oil, maybe I didn’t dry out the skin enough, who knows.

Another super sauce from Bon Appetit: blueline tilefish (instead of cod) poached in tomato curry. I took the advice in the comments and made these changes:

  • Increased the garlic and spices.
  • Added a jalapeño and scallion whites.
  • Used halved grape tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes.
  • Quadrupled the coconut cream—I used the entire can, why waste it?
  • Added a little fish sauce and scallion greens at the end.

I served the curry over 90-second Uncle Ben’s jasmine rice—a time and effort saver!

Calamari fra diavolo

The week’s highlight was calamari fra diavolo. I had two pounds of frozen squid (tubes and tentacles) just waiting for its moment. The moment came Sunday. Oh, this was good. The sauce was a bit thin but fine for serving over wheat spaghetti and dipping store-bought focaccia.

Menu ideas and recipes for tilefish, white grunt (or any fish), squid, greens and broccoli

Calamari fra diavolo

Greens and broccoli

A week can’t go by without me talking about greens. This week I had quite a collection from my produce drawer clean-out: collards, zesty greens (not sure what was in this mix from my farmer), arugula, and radish greens. First, I sautéed linguiça (a Portuguese sausage), red and sweet onion, scallions, and jalapeño, then added the greens and let them cook until they were cooked through. The sturdier collards went in first, and the rest later since they didn’t need long to cook – just a minute or so.

One of my easy low-effort recipes is roasted broccoli with garlic, lemon zest and parmesan cheese. I slice apart a head of broccoli making sure each floret has a nice long portion of stem attached to it. On a sheet pan, toss the florets in olive oil, sprinkle with salt and bake at 425 until nearly tender. Mix in slices of garlic and finish cooking. The florets will brown (caramelize) and that’s fine, you’ll love the flavor.

When done, toss with lemon zest and parmesan cheese. Lemon zest is an underappreciated ingredient. When something needs a flavorful pop (acid), see if lemon zest might be the answer. I use my microplane to zest lemon and grate parmesan.

Until next week, stay safe, stay well, take care.

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  1. This dish looks tasty indeed!

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