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Menu ideas and recipes for catfish, grits, yellowfin tuna, black drum, grouper, sourdough bread, corn and greens

Menu ideas and recipes for catfish, grits, yellowfin tuna, black drum, grouper, sourdough bread, corn and greens

Two fish recipes—including the hot highlight of the week

Our highlight of the week was hot catfish with cheesy grits from Suwannee Rose, her inspired take on Nashville hot chicken. I made my favorite grits recipe—that link also takes you to the best shrimp and grits recipe ever. I can’t take credit. It’s from the late Bill Neal, former chef at Crook’s Corner in Chapel Hill.

The runner-up for the highlight spot had to be glazed yellowfin tuna with a ginger and oyster sauce. The original recipe called for cod and baby bok choy but our fish share included yellowfin and it fit the recipe just fine as did the grown up bok choy.

sourdough bread with Shug's fig jam

Sourdough goodness

Along with the rest of the herd, I made a sourdough starter recently following this recipe at King Arthur. I made mine with flour from Carolina Ground, a mill in Asheville NC. The wheat in my flour came from nearby Wake Forest so the wild yeast is all NC.

Sunday afternoon, I made two loaves of rustic sourdough bread—a recipe from King Arthur for newbie sourdough bakers since it includes as much commercial yeast as you think you need. I wasn’t sure if my starter was feisty enough but it did fine with a scant teaspoon of extra yeast. I loved the mild tang and soft crust of this bread—the recipe is a keeper. It’s the perfect loaf for breakfast toast with butter and homemade fig jam from my sister-in-law.

Summer corn pasta

The week’s pig-out meal was a pasta dish. Yes, pasta again, blame corn. At the farmers market, some of the farms bring in a pickup truck with a bed full of corn and the prices are good.

My pasta dish started with this creamy corn pasta with coconutty greens recipe. But I added two different kinds of fish—black drum and grouper—plus homemade shrimp broth, jalapeno, ginger, double the corn and kale, onions and scallions instead of shallots, and no thyme. Hot sauce is recommended.

Until next week, stay awkward, brave and kind.*

 *I picked this up from Brené Brown whose podcast I’ve been enjoying lately.

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2 thoughts on “In The Kitchen: 7.19.20

  1. suwanneerose says:

    Thanks so much for the shoutout! That’s one of my all-time favorite fish recipes. That plus grits is just divine.

  2. deirdrereid says:

    You’re welcome, thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to make it again. I have more of your recipes on my “make” list.

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