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Menu ideas and recipes for tomatoes, tuna, sea bass, broccoli and eggplant

Menu ideas and recipes for tomatoes, tuna, sea bass, broccoli and eggplant

The daily tomato sandwich

Summer’s been weird for all of us, but take one bite of a tomato sandwich and, oh yeah, it’s definitely summer. My version features thick slices of local tomatoes on sourdough sandwich bread with American cheese (Havarti and Muenster are okay too), Duke’s mayo (on both slices of the bread), Diamond Crystal kosher salt (so hard to find these days!) and freshly ground black pepper. Good for breakfast and/or lunch.

Tuna and sea bass recipes

I’m glad I made the full amount of this maple teriyaki marinade because I got two great meals out of it. After marinating blackfin tuna, I heated up the remaining marinade and whisked in a cornstarch slurry to make a delicious sauce.

This coconut mint chutney came back for an encore too, this time on baked black sea bass that I first sprinkled with lemon juice and Aleppo pepper.

Menu ideas and recipes for tomatoes, tuna, sea bass, broccoli and eggplant

Broccoli salad—look, no mayo!

I love discovering a good potluck recipe—not that we’re going anywhere I can bring a dish these days. But now I’m ready with this broccoli salad with cheddar and bacon vinaigrette. I used a mix of Asiago and extra sharp (not aged) cheddar. Next time, I’ll make more vinaigrette because it got lost in the salad.

By the way, I love mayo. I really love mayo. But my guy and some of his family are mayo-haters. So sad for them. That’s why I keep an eye out for no-mayo salads and slaws.

Pasta forever, please

Why do I keep making pasta? The Covid-10 is going to turn into the Covid-15 if I keep this up. But it’s eggplant season and I couldn’t resist when I saw this recipe for a cheesy eggplant and rigatoni bake. It’s quite good.

Until next week, stay awkward, brave and kind. (phrase from Brené Brown)

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