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Menu ideas and recipes for eggplant, yellowfin tuna, salmon, sweet potatoes and green beans

Menu ideas and recipes for eggplant, yellowfin tuna, salmon, sweet potatoes and green beans

Eggplant lasagna

Nearly every week, I’ve been getting eggplant in my CSA share. Instead of my usual eggplant and sweet peppers (plus red onion, garlic, basil and red wine vinegar) dish, I made eggplant lasagna. I did miss the texture and taste of pasta—I’d add a layer or two of that next time. I used basil pesto instead of basil alone in the ricotta and spinach mix—that was a good move.

eggplant kirsty-tg-iyEc3PHk2ZM-unsplash

Yellowfin tuna with chile crisp

I’ve seen lots of recipes for chile crisp (spiced oil) in the past year or so. Last year, I made this chile crisp for fish—it was very good. Last week, I made a half portion of this crunchy spice oil recipe for yellowfin tuna—also very good.

Salmon and sweet potato hash

One of my favorite Sunday breakfasts happens when I have leftover roasted sweet potatoes or root vegetables. But this time I made it for a weeknight dinner. First, make a sweet potato hash (mine had daikon radish too) with sweet pepper, poblano pepper, jalapeño pepper, onion, garlic and warm spices like smoked paprika and cayenne. Then, stir chopped pan-seared salmon into the hash. Serve it with a fried egg on top.

sweet potatoes

Green beans almondine

Here’s a nice idea for green beans. While you’re steaming the beans, sauté garlic and almond slices in a neutral oil supplemented with a few pads of butter. Toss in the steamed green beans along with lemon juice and zest and mix it all together. Yum.

See you next week!

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Creative Commons photo of eggplant by Kirsty TG via Unsplash

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