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Menu ideas and recipes for flounder, bison, pasta, collard greens, eggs and leftovers

Menu ideas and recipes for flounder, bison, pasta, collard greens, eggs and leftovers

Bright sunny fish for cold days

I love discovering new fish preps since I get two pounds of fish every week from Locals Seafood. This weirdly named but excellent Bon Appétit recipe for green seasoning baked cod (flounder in my case) tasted like summer. I adjusted the peppers, using a whole habanero, but only half a gigantic red bell pepper. I tend to ignore habaneros when I see them at the store because I get scared off by the heat, but they’re so flavorful and not so bad when you remove the seeds and ribs.

Retro pasta dish

Remember the working mom’s go-to meal, hamburger (or tuna) helper? It was a staple when my mom started working again. You can easily make your own: homemade hamburger helper.

Warning: this website’s user experience is horrible. It’s overkill on the ads and photos, and some bug on the site prevented me from scrolling down to the recipe, so I PDF’d it. I almost don’t want to send you there but we liked this simple dish. And, yes, I know I have a free, crappy baby WP-hosted site with awkward ads I don’t control, so who am I to talk, but my approach requires no maintenance and works for me.

Back to the recipe, I used ground bison instead of beef and added tomato paste and extra pasta. Next time, I’ll add mushrooms too.

Menu ideas and recipes for flounder, bison, pasta, collard greens, eggs and leftovers

Greens are back

We hadn’t had greens in a few weeks, gasp, so I made a collards sauté to go along with our fatty pasta. I added bacon, red bell, red onion, carrot, jalapenos and garlic to the pan with a swirl of sherry vinegar at the end.

A breakfast home for leftovers

If you have vegetable odds and sods hanging out in the frig, make a frittata. The one I made recently included broccoli stems, scallions, red bell pepper, garlic and leftover crispy kielbasa (the garnish for last week’s split pea soup), and was topped with a mix of cheeses. Any leftover collards will probably end up in a frittata too.

Now, go have fun in your kitchen!

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