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Menu ideas and recipes for shrimp, shrimp broth, kohlrabi, amberjack, ground pork, frozen peas and corn, and sweet potatoes

Quick shrimp dinner, plus a broth recipe

We’re starting to get North Carolina shrimp again in our seafood share. This simple yet excellent cumin-lime shrimp with ginger recipe doesn’t take long to make once you’ve shelled the shrimp. I added a little shrimp broth and butter to the sauce and served it over rice. It’s a keeper.

Whenever I get fresh local shrimp, I make a broth out of the shells, but this time the shrimp came with their heads, which takes the broth to a different level of goodness. My usual broth recipe is:

  • Shrimp shells/heads from 1# (or more) shrimp
  • 1/2 onion (chopped into large pieces)
  • 1/2 carrot (chopped into large pieces)
  • 1 celery stalk (chopped into large pieces)
  • 2 smooshed large garlic cloves
  • 8-12 peppercorns
  • 2 bay leaves

Put all the ingredients in a pot—I didn’t have celery this time. Add water to at least 2” above shrimp—I fill it almost up to the top but allow at least an inch or two for foaming up. Bring the water to a boil then turn it down and simmer for at least 15 minutes, taste to see if it needs salt. I usually let it go longer than 15 minutes. Strain through a sieve and let cool.

Fill up an ice cube tray and/or measure out 1- to 3-cup portions in freezer bags so you have whatever quantity I need.

Kohlrabi salad plus Menu ideas and recipes for shrimp, shrimp broth, amberjack, ground pork, frozen peas and corn, and sweet potatoes

What to do with the kohlrabi in your CSA share

It’s also the season for kohlrabi. I waited until I had enough to make kohlrabi salad with cilantro and lime. I didn’t have to supplement the kohlrabi with other veggies like the recipe suggested, although I did add a whole jalapeño (chopped). I’m eating the leftovers right now doused with some sriracha, it’s hitting the spot. Next time, I’ll add carrot for color.

I’ve used kohlrabi in sautés too:

Save the kohlrabi greens. Since they’re pretty hardy, I store them until I have other greens and then make a sauté out of all of them.

Amberjack with shichimi togarashi

I’m playing with shichimi togarashi spice blend these days—a mix of orange peel, black and white toasted sesame seeds, cayenne, ginger, Szechuan pepper and nori. It worked well on pan-fried amberjack fillets.

Refreshing Thai-style ground pork dish plus a peas and corn idea

I love this dish: herby pork larb with chile. My herb mix was cilantro, mint and basil. Once my Thai basil plants are big enough, I’ll use that instead of regular basil. I also subbed peanuts instead of jasmine rice powder, and habanero instead of bird’s eye chile.

The larb went really well with frozen peas and corn sautéed with garlic, curry powder and Aleppo pepper—a combo I will make again.

Sweet potato bread plus menu ideas and recipes for shrimp, shrimp broth, kohlrabi, amberjack, ground pork, and frozen peas and corn

Sweet potato bread

I wasn’t planning to bake anything last weekend but I a leftover baked sweet potato so decided to make cinnamon and spice sweet potato bread even though I only had about 1 cup of sweet potato, not 1-1/2 cups like the recipe instructed. It’s a good recipe, although I did cut back the sugar to 1 cup. Next time, I’ll add pecans.

Until next week, stay safe, stay well, take care.

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